What to Do if Personal Injury Settlements Fail

Adjusters handle claims and consider numerous things before arriving at a decision. As much as possible, they want to handle claims without unnecessary energy and time. However, you must know that there are adjusters who want to stall or bluff after examining all the documents and after arguments have been made on both sides.

There are adjusters who will often make fairly low initial offers and then stick to their offers without any justifications in the hopes that their tactics will frustrate or intimidate people into accepting settlements which are much lower than the worth of their claims. Having the best personal injury solicitors Galway has to offer makes your chances of having a successful claim much greater.

So, what can a person do after a personal injury settlement talk has failed?

Threat of a lawsuit

If there is one thing which adjusters do not like, it is a lawsuit. Lawsuits means lawyers will be involved and this can result to costly legal fees. In Ireland seeking the advice of one of the experienced solicitors Dublin or solicitors Galway has to offer is a must. There is also the possibility that the claim file will be taken away from the adjuster and given to the lawyer of an insurance company or to a different adjuster. This could translate to a blemish on the adjuster’s work.

Suggest for a fair offer and if it is not made on a certain date, tell the adjuster that you will be forced to file a lawsuit and hire a personal injury lawyer to help handle the claim for you. When you do this, you will certainly get the attention of the adjuster.

The threat of a lawsuit can be an effective way to get the adjuster to act, keep in mind that it will only work if a lawsuit is actually possible. Make sure that you have the legal right to back up your threat before you even think of making one.


Move an adjuster off by holding your position and staying firm. Show the adjuster just how persistent you are. Call the adjuster or write him an email asking for a fair and reasonable offer. Reaffirm that you are both persistent and patient and you will not fold on your claim. By doing this you might be able to get the adjuster to come up with a fair offer.

Consult an attorney

It is advisable to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately. Although most lawyers are paid for handling personal injury claims by taking a percentage, there are some who can be consulted in an hourly basis while you continue to handle the claims by yourself. If you can get the attorney to handle everything for you, all the better.  You need an expert who will guide you through the process and help you win the case.

When consulting an attorney, you must bring with you all the notes and documents and correspondence which has a relation to the case. After reviewing the documents, the lawyer will be able to point out what tactics you can use when you contact the adjuster again.

Getting a new idea or legal theory into the negotiations just might prompt the adjuster to make a serious settlement offer which is fair to you.