Making the Most of Your Personal Injury Claim

Accidents happen every day in different places around the world. As a matter of fact more than 3 million accidents happen annually. You could be at home, in school, in your car or in the workplace. In most cases, there is almost someone or something which is at fault. As a victim of an accident, it is only right and proper for you to get just compensation.

The law pertaining to personal injury can be quite complicated but the help of a personal injury lawyer should help you enormously. Making the claim can be made straightforward. Most attorneys or solicitors today also offer free initial consultation. You will be able to determine if you can make a justifiable claim without spending any money.

Finding a lawyer

Chances are there are hundreds of personal injury lawyers in your city. The best way to find a lawyer is through the reference of friends and family. You can also search for lawyers online. You may consider seeking out a specialist such as medical negligence solicitors if you have been the victim of medical negligence by a GP, Doctor, hospital etc. If you have insurance for legal expenses or you are a member of the trade union, you should be ready to provide your full details including a copy of your policy to the solicitor.

What the lawyer needs

In order to establish the details of your case, the lawyer will need the following information:

  • Documents of your insurance policies. This is for the attorney to check if they can cover the legal costs of your claims
  • Documents which can be used to support your claim
  • Proof of financial expenses, as well as proof of loss of earnings
  • The date of the accident and how it happened
  • The witnesses and their contact details
  • The details of your injuries which includes medical diagnosis and treatments

How the lawyer can help you

The goal in hiring a lawyer is because you need an expert which can guide you through the process, help you win the case and get just compensation. After you explain the event to your lawyer, he or she will be able to tell if you have a good chance of winning the case what amount you will be able to get in compensation.

They will explain the legal process to you and how you will fund your case. Do not be afraid to take notes or ask your lawyer questions. If there is anything which is confusing or unclear to you, you must ask right away. It is important that you know everything there is to know about your case. You should also ask your lawyer to make a letter for you outlining the process, how long it will take, what you might have to pay, when you will need to pay and that the lawyer is happy to take your case on.

Making your claim

The first thing that your lawyer will do is to send a claim letter to the defendant. This will detail the injuries you suffered, as well as the other things that took place. A relevant specialist will also be recommended if there is a need for one. The defendant has a fixed period to reply to the letter. If they accept liability, the matter will be settled out of court.