Making Personal Injury Claims Against Uninsured Drivers

More than half of the personal injury cases nowadays are due to vehicular accidents. The unfortunate thing is that it there are more than a million of uninsured drivers out there. So what should you do in case you have an accident with one?

There is no way for anyone to tell when and how accidents can happen. You can be as careful as you can possibly be but accidents still happen, that is a fact of life. If someone is at fault and responsible for the accident, then that person’s insurance company will pay for the damage that the other party suffers.

What if the person is uninsured?

So, what will happen if the other party is not insured? By law it is a requirement for all motorists to have a valid insurance policy if they want to drive a vehicle. However, not everyone follows the law. In the UK alone, there is an estimated 1.2 million drivers who are not insured.

There is a big chance of being hit by an uninsured driver. What will happen if you suffer property damage or injury caused by one of these drivers? In the UK there are more than 20,000 incidents annually which involves uninsured drivers. They are dealt with by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau or MIB.

Proving that someone is guilty is not very easy and making claims from the MIB can be time consuming. It is always a good idea to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who will look out for your interests.

Your personal injury lawyer can help you with the claiming process and ensure that you get the correct type of medical examination, as well as the correct treatments. If the extent of the injury is quite great, you might also need to take a serious look at the cost of long-term rehabilitation.

Paying attention

Being involved in a car accident means being shaken up and most people do not think straight during this time. However, it is vital to remember that the first few moments after the accident are crucial. It is a must to take note of the other vehicle’s registration number. Drivers without insurance will be very afraid and they tend to flee the scene right away for fear of being discovered.

Exchange information

If the other driver is cooperative, you should exchange telephone numbers and email addresses. Whenever possible, take photographs for documentation purposes. All these things will work in your favour when the time comes for you to make a claim.

Contact the police

Call the police right away and report the incident.  This must be done within 5 days of the accident if there is damage to property and within 14 days if someone has been injured. The earlier you report, the better.

Visit a medical professional

Even if you have already taken photos, you must still go to the doctor. You must also see a medical professional even if you have minor injuries only. It is necessary to make sure that you are given the right medical attention.