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  • The Changing Face of Personal Injury Claims in Ireland

    The Changing Face of Personal Injury Claims in Ireland

    A personal injury or a life-changing injury is something which anybody does not want. There is a never a good time for it. Injury is tough for the victims because they might not be able to go to work and they stand to lose money for being absent from work. The government has widened the […]

  • Basic Rights at Work in the UK

    Basic Rights at Work in the UK

    Being employed means you will have money to feed your family, as well as purchase what you want for yourself. However, before you start counting how much you are earning, it is a good idea to know your basic rights at work. The UK has come a long way and one of the government’s most […]

  • What to Do if Personal Injury Settlements Fail

    Adjusters handle claims and consider numerous things before arriving at a decision. As much as possible, they want to handle claims without unnecessary energy and time. However, you must know that there are adjusters who want to stall or bluff after examining all the documents and after arguments have been made on both sides. There […]

  • What You Need to Avoid if You Want to Pursue a Personal Injury Case

    Nobody wants to be injured. Injury is not only inconvenient, it can also cause you to lose money if you are unable to go to work. If you are the aggravated party, you certainly want to pursue a case, most especially if the damage is extensive. You want to be adequately compensated for all the […]

  • Making the Most of Your Personal Injury Claim

    Accidents happen every day in different places around the world. As a matter of fact more than 3 million accidents happen annually. You could be at home, in school, in your car or in the workplace. In most cases, there is almost someone or something which is at fault. As a victim of an accident, […]

  • Making Personal Injury Claims Against Uninsured Drivers

    More than half of the personal injury cases nowadays are due to vehicular accidents. The unfortunate thing is that it there are more than a million of uninsured drivers out there. So what should you do in case you have an accident with one? There is no way for anyone to tell when and how […]